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Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Director: Mr. Sanjeev Geol
Duration: 3 Weeks
Course fee: 66.76 USD
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Course Details

This course provides a structured approach to marketing management, guiding the student through market analysis, customer segmentation, product development, service development and marketing implementation. The objective of the course is to give the students an understanding of marketing as an inherent area of their responsibility. They will be exposed to core concepts of marketing that will be found useful in understanding markets, trends, customers, competition and other areas when working in any organization.

Session 1: Sweating the Assets: Revenue extraction using Sales & Marketing Tools to generate returns on capex deployed.

Session 2: Go-to-Market Telecom Strategies and Segmenting Markets through Distribution Channels.

Session 3: Market Planning and Coverage optimization using GIS and other tools (including using Traffic Market Share).

Session 4: Government & Regulatory impact on Marketing strategies in Telecom.

Session 5: Embracing a 'speak with data culture' in telecom (Structuring and Automating data extraction for real-time sales reviews of KPIs and using it to enable, engage, motivate, coach, train and reward the operating teams across sales, marketing, network and customer service).

Session 6: Looking beyond Voice & SMS for Revenue Generation: VAS, Data-usage and Apps.

Session 7: Telecom as the enabler for next-gen services ('Banking' for money-transfer, mobile banking, NFC payments, 'Entertainment' for booking tickets and viewing/ downloading online content, viewer-participation through sms/ apps/ live-talk in TV game-shows, 'Travel' for train ticket booking including using sms as tickets, air-tickets booking/ seat-selection/ check-in, 'Education' for topic-search and information-retrieval etc).